Company History - Black Cat Sound Service, a.k.a Chris Christensen

The first record of a transaction for Black Cat Sound Service was January 7, 1977.  Just three days before the first anniversary of marriage to my wife.

In the early days I was mostly playing music in bars, restaurants and the like.  The first "professional" gig I played was on my 22nd birthday (1973).  It was at the Vets Hall in Grass Valley, CA.  I was stationed at Beale AFB at the time and married to my first wife...  I played one niters for a while until we landed the house band gig at The Nevada Club in Grass Valley.  After the Nevada Club we went to a club in Auburn CA.  Can't remember the name.  It was here that I met my "current" wife.

I was gigging all over until 1985 or 86 when I started to turn my interest in sound into a money earning thing.  Slowly built up my equipment, built a small production studio in the house and diversified my work.  I began doing theatrical sound design, editing live recorded concerts and duplicating audio cassette taped.  Then in January 1996 I received a layoff notice from the day job of 17 years.  A small high-tech company: The Grass valley Group.

It was then that I did what I didn't have the guts to do.  See if I could turn the part time gig into something that could help sustain me and my family. All I can say is that business and opportunities grew slowly and I am now what I call "...great to be busy but sometimes tough to be a one man shop..."